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Preparing for Sunday, 9/29/13 (Communion)

Posted by Josh Starkey on

Happy Autumn, folks. Hope you're planning on being with us tomorrow morning at Grace. We have a good setup of songs ready to sing together, and we'll be taking communion together in service too, so you don't want to miss. Taking communion together is a command from Christ to be obedient to, and...

Preparing for Sunday, 9/15/13

Posted by Josh Starkey on

Hey everybody! It's been a little while since the last "Prep for Sunday" post. Hope you're planning on gathering with us tomorrow morning, as dive into the Gospel through singing, preaching, prayer, and fellowship. It's of utmost importance for us to meet as Christians, to remind one another by...

Why the American Church Needs Acts

Posted by Eric Durso on

I’m beginning to teach through the book of Acts, and the more I study the more I’m convinced of its relevance for today’s church. Of course, all Scripture is relevant. Always. But in light of certain American evangelical tendencies, the message of Acts is urgent. Here are four...

Remarkable and Haunting Beauty

Posted by Josh Starkey on

  "While there is a kind of beauty in a carefully-honed studio recording, there is another kind of beauty - an often remarkable and haunting beauty - in the sound of a congregation of mostly unmusical people singing together."   John D. Witvliet

Repeating A New Song This Week

Posted by Josh Starkey on

Hey guys, Last week we introduced a new song for congregational singing, and we'll repeat it this week to reinforce it. Hopefully it'll seem very familiar after this week. We're also adding the bridge this week, so make sure you give it a couple listens. The bridge starts at 2:38 in the YouTube...

Preparing for Sunday, 7/21/13, AM and PM

Posted by Josh Starkey on

Hey everyone, keep in mind that we do have RENEW this Sunday night, so carve out the time. This is a hugely important, special time for our church during the Summer months, to hear from some solid outside speakers, a chance to sing together out of the normal Sunday morning gatherings, and to...