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Recommended Resource: Passion by Mike McKinley

by Josh Starkey on April 06, 2020

Hello friends!

Happy Passion Week. We're celebrating the death and resurrection of our Savior this week, and before I go any further please make sure you're keeping up with Pastor Marshall's daily Passion Week posts. They're all archived here. Each post has a Scripture passage and some reflections for the day, as we head toward Good Friday and Easter this weekend. Let's read together, and reflect deeply on the great rescue accomplished for us by Jesus!

For our Monday resource recommendation, please check out the book Passion, by Mike McKinley. If you're looking for a book to aid your worship this week, pick up a copy of this one. It follows several significant events of the last days of Christ's life, diving deeper into the significance of what happened in the Passion story and what each event means for the life of every Christian. It will fuel your love for Christ, and your excitement  in all God is doing in your life through and because of the Savior. Especially during this quarantine.

McKinley writes,

"The cross of Christ is all we will need, and all we will have, on the last day of this life. But wonderfully, it's also all that we need for today, and tomorrow, and every day up till that last one" (5).

Again, definitely keep up with our daily Passion Week posts, and we look forward to worshiping together this coming Easter weekend!

- Josh

HONORABLE MENTION RESOURCE: Pastor Marshall has been recommending One Perfect Life by John MacArthur as a recommended additional read this week. If you don't have a copy of this, consider it as well. It combines passages from all four gospels into daily readings, that follow the whole chronology of the life of Jesus. It gives you a great sense of how every event you've read about fits into a timeline. Highly, highly recommended.

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