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Recommended resource: Confronting Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin

by Josh Starkey on May 04, 2020

Hey everyone,

We wanted to recommend a great, newer book to you this Monday, called Confronting Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin. The book answers twelve hard questions that are asked often of Christians, and deals with them from an excellent biblical foundation. Though each chapter really deals with a timeless biblical worldview issue, McLaughlin answers each question according to the way it tends to be framed in our culture today, which makes this an excellent resource as we live in our cultural moment! 

Whether you're sharpening your own apologetic, or you read this to encourage and anchor your own faith in the gospel, this book will serve you well. Check out this quote:

Modern Western society teaches me to prioritize discovering my authentic self, peeling back the onion layers of my identity and living out of what I find there at all costs. But from a Christian perspective, who I am in relation to God is my authentic self. I find myself not in the depths of my psychology but in the depths of his heart. And when he calls you or me “child,” “beloved,” “friend,” that’s who we are, and any other identity—male, female, father, mother, child, friend—flows out of that ... At the resurrection, no one who has chosen Jesus over sexual fulfillment will have missed out. Compared with that relationship, human marriage will seem like a toy car next to a Tesla, or a kiss on an envelope versus a lover’s embrace" (173-174).

This book really is so good - please grab a copy. And remember, most of the books we've been recommending are available on Hoopla and Overdrive, as well as on Amazon/Kindle and Audible. Enjoy the read (or listen)!

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