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Passion Week Daily reading: Monday, April 6

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Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.
~ John 12:24 ~

The most memorable event recorded for us on the Monday after Palm Sunday is probably Jesus cleansing the temple and casting out those who were selling their wares. This activity took place in the outer courtyard of the temple which was designed to be the place where non-Israelites could come to pray and worship God. Their place of worship had been converted into a marketplace for the Israelites who were coming to make their sacrifice, this allowed them to conveniently pick up the items needed right at the temple without having to bring them from home. Unfortunately, this transformed the place set aside for the nations to worship into a loud, busy, and distracting space, one which communicated that they weren’t important and that God didn’t care about them.

However, during the course of this busy Monday, other events took place, including Jesus being sought out by a group of Greeks. It is their desire to see Jesus that truly moves the narrative forward as their interest prompts Jesus to clarify his purpose in coming to earth. The salvation Christ offered was not deliverance for the Jewish people from the Romans, but rather was salvation for all mankind (both Jews and Greeks), which would be accomplished through his sacrificial death. On this day, we remember our own reality as ‘fruit’ of that sacrifice, fruit which sprung to life because he was willing to die in our place. Let us glorify God as we rejoice in our salvation, and may we remember to be faithful in bearing fruit as well.

Today’s Readings: [39 verses]
           ^Mark 11:12-19
           ^John 12:20-50

***Reading Suggestion: Read slowly and thoughtfully. Each day’s reading has been arranged chronologically, which means for some days there are multiple passages (occasionally requiring some flipping back and forth), please read in the order listed to stay on track. I’ve opted for shorter readings to allow more time for thought and reflection. Avoid the urge to just “get the reading done,” but rather take time to consider and contemplate Jesus this week as the reading takes you through what he experienced each day. I pray this will be an encouragement to you which causes you to more fully appreciate our great Savior - may your love, appreciation, and joy in him continue to expand in this Easter season!

***Resource Suggestion: A Harmony of the Gospels, One Perfect Life 


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