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Meet Our Summer Interns

by Marshall Walter on June 01, 2024

Grace Summer Internship Program provides a fantastic opportunity to come alongside our young people and give them a taste of what life in ministry is like. This is in keeping with our entire philosophy of ministry which is built on biblical principles of establishing faithfulness and personal discipleship. This summer, we are pleased to announce our partnership with two remarkable young people - Will Bender and Lily Orsa. We are thrilled to have them join us this summer and hope it is a mere taste of the great things the Lord has in store for them in the future.

Will Bender has grown up at Grace and after completing his high school education this spring he is preparing to head to Boyce College (Louisville, KY) in the fall. This summer, Will is serving a general internship through the beginning of August. He is primarily focused on opportunities to develop his abilities as a worship leader. He will be playing regularly on Sunday mornings, in College Ministry and will even lead one of our Renew nights. Additionally, he has several opportunities to teach this month in Student Ministries.

Lily Orsa has also grown up at Grace and will similarly be heading to Boyce College (Louisville, KY) this fall where she will study music. This summer, Lily will be assisting with several projects around the church office including some foundational work on a Christmas Advent guide as well as a mini-book resource based on previous sermon series. Beyond this, Lily will provide support to a number of the church staff over the variety of activities scheduled for this summer.


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