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Sunday Recap: 4/2/17!

Posted by Josh Starkey on

Hey everyone, if you missed any part of our worship gatherings yesterday, here's the rundown. Pastor Jordan continued our emphasis on Christ's passion week, in Luke 22:1-30 (quite the passage!). You can listen or read here. Jordan also gave reminder announcements for the following upcoming...

Sunday Recap: 3/12/17!

Posted by Josh Starkey on

Hey everyone, We dove back into Luke yesterday morning, with Pastor Jordan back with us after 2 weeks away. It was great to have him back. We'll keep preaching through Luke from now until Easter, each Sunday looking at a day of Christ's "Passion Week" (which, as we heard from Jordan, comes from...

Sunday Recap: 1/29/17

Posted by Josh Starkey on

Well, as we wrap up January (where does the time go?), here are a few highlights from our worship gatherings yesterday, if you missed or would like some of this info again! Our friend Dave Guiles from Encompass World Partners spoke yesterday in place of Pastor Jordan, a message called "Mind the...