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Mike and Myra Taylor

Mike and Myra Taylor are missionaries who work with a medical organization called Three Strands in the countries of Haiti and the Central Africa Republic.  Mike and Myra both have medical backgrounds, with Mike being a Physician's Assistant and Myra, a professional R.N.

Both of these countries are extremely poor. People live on less than $1 per day. Many do not have enough food to eat or money to care for sick or injured family members. Three Strands provides medical and dental clinics, hospitals, and feeding programs to help these people while proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.  

How can you help?  Pray for Mike and Myra as they organize medical and dental teams to go into these countries 4-5 times per year, bringing with them not only tangible medical supplies but also the hope of the Gospel. .  Pray that the people of Haiti and the Central Africa Republic will come to love Jesus.

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