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Student Ministries


Grace Student Ministry seeks to support parents in raising the next generation of Christ-followers. In the context of engaging programs, deep relationships, and serious discipleship, our aim is to help students have a more concrete relationship with Jesus Christ and the church that would continue into college and adulthood. 

Student Ministries meets every Wednesday in the Chapel from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  For more information on how to get involved, please contact

Fulfilling Our Purpose

Pointing students to the Person of Christ

Only Jesus can fulfill our greatest need of redemption and our deepest longing for fullness of life in this world and the next. Therefore we point our students to Christ as their only hope of lasting satisfaction.

Bringing them to the Body of Christ

We believe that the local church is where God intends believers to thrive through a shared identity, life, and mission. Therefore we want to incorporate our students into the life of our church.

Raising them up in the teachings of Christ

Making whole disciples includes teaching the full counsel of God. Therefore we strive to present the full Gospel to our students with all of its demands and implications for all of life. 


Our dedicated team of staff seeks to be friends and mentors who model a growing Christ-likeness and share from their wealth of experiences and trials to help students connect the truths of Scripture to real life. The teen years are the most formative and it is a joy to invest in these young people at this unique time and in this unique way.