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Sunday Recap: 4/30/17!

Posted by Josh Starkey on

Well here's your Sunday recap for April 30th on this first day of May. We wrapped up a great month of worship gatherings yesterday. Pastor Jordan was gone the past few days with the board of directors of Encompass. We've been praying that it was a fruitful time, in that combining of vision and...

Sunday Recap: 4/23/17!

Posted by Josh Starkey on

We had a great time of worship together yesterday. If you missed, we returned to our regularly-scheduled Luke preaching series. Pastor Jordan preached Luke 22:21-30, a message entitled "Counter-Intuitive Greatness." This passage is so necessary, and so helpful, especially as we strive to live...

Sunday Recap: 4/2/17!

Posted by Josh Starkey on

Hey everyone, if you missed any part of our worship gatherings yesterday, here's the rundown. Pastor Jordan continued our emphasis on Christ's passion week, in Luke 22:1-30 (quite the passage!). You can listen or read here. Jordan also gave reminder announcements for the following upcoming...