It is our desire to keep Missions at the forefront of our minds, recognizing the call of Christ in Matthew 28:19, "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations..."  

Each believer has a common mission.  We have been given a charge by Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations, teaching and baptizing them (Matt. 28:18-20), calling people to repentance and forgiveness (Luke 24:46-48).

This takes place not only locally, but we understand that God has a passion for ALL nations (Rev 15:421:24).  It is our commitment to support and send out people to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The O'Dells


Cecil and Debbie O'Dell are currently focusing on Japanese returnees who are temporarily working and studying in the Long Beach area.  Since the Japanese are more open to the Gospel when they are outside their country, the O‘Dell’s are using this window of opportunity to reach them in the U.S., disciple and train them, and then send them back to Japan equipped to begin sharing Christ with their family and friends.  Cecil and Debbie mentor them as they return to Japan, and expect to see much fruit.  The O‘Dell’s would appreciate your prayers as they continue in this ministry based in Long Beach.