Grace Simi family, we love you, and we hope these Grace at Home resources continue to serve you and your families well this Sunday! We'll keep bringing our gathered worship to you each week the same way, for as long as we need to, on this page and via our social media platforms.  

Below is our Scripture reading and pastoral prayer, and three worship songs for you to either sing along or listen and reflect. Our Scripture reading for today is Hebrews 13:1-6.


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Watch Pastor Jordan's sermon below, for March 29, 2020. You can also find the audio on our website under "Sermons," or via our iTunes podcast!

Follow along using this outline. Discussion questions and ways to pray are also listed below and included on the outline. Use these as it seems best at home, as individuals or with your family!

Discussion questions:

What are areas of life and things IN life that people find comfort and confidence in (apart from God)?  What happens when those things get taken away?  What would be different about our life if we were TOTALLY confident in Christ? 

What are ways we can wisely but tangibly show loving hospitality to strangers during this shutdown? 

How do we remember those that are shut in and cannot come out in public or receive us in their home? 

What would be different about our lives if we were content with what we have? 

How is Jesus better than everything else this world can offer? 

Areas for prayer:

Spend some time giving thanks for the Person and Work of Jesus Christ

Spend some time remembering the promises that we have in Christ (maybe make a list before you start praying!)

Spend some time praying for your neighbors and those on your "Pray-Plan-Risk" cards

Spend some time praying for those who are shut in, as well as those working in hospitals

Spend some time praying for the marriages in our church as well as the purity of our church

Spend some time praying that we will all live confidently & courageously in Christ


We want to provide your family with at home resources to lead and disciple your kids in the Scriptures! Each week we're providing our Sunday kids lessons online for you to view, download and discuss with your family at home. Located on our Kids Ministry page will be the weekly lesson focus, along with a teaching video, age-level materials to download, Big Picture Q&A, Scripture memory and music. We pray this will be an invaluable resource in discipling your kids at home.