College Ministry

Grace Church's college ministry exists to equip and train college students to ‘do’ the work of ministry.

We believe that the future leaders of the church are in present in our college ministry right now. For this reason, we are committed to a Gospel-centered mindset and strive to faithfully teach and live in a manner that is worthy of our heavenly citizenship. We pray for a generation of young people who are consumed by and passionate for the changing power of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and have dedicated their lives to proclaiming him to the far reaching corners of the earth.

To accomplish this goal, we believe the Word of God must be central in the lives of every believer. We are committed to faithfully proclaim God's Word and let it serve as the driving force as we strive to build an authentic community with each other, worship God corporately and individually, serve those around us, and reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are a community of sinful people who have been redeemed by a loving, gracious, and forgiving God and we'd invite you to join us as we seek to honor Him as we grow closer together.

Contact Austin Fry for more information. 

College Group meets every Tuesday night at 7PM in the College Room