Children's Ministry: Nursery


Welcome to the Nursery! Our nursery ministry encompasses newborn through 24 months of age and is designed to support parents by providing a caring Christ-centered environment as you worship with us. Nursery volunteers are regular attendees of Grace Brethren Church, who have been pre-screened and trained to provide your children with the proper care.


  • VISITORS: Please complete a registration card for your child. After three regular visits, your child will be added to the current class roster and will receive a personalized name tag, along with a check-in ticket.  
  • Parents will receive a personalized Check-in Ticket when they bring their child to nursery. CHILDREN WILL ONLY BE RELEASED TO AN INDIVIDUAL IN POSSESSION OF THAT CHECK-IN TICKET.
  • For the safety of the children, we ask parents/adults not to come into the nursery room to drop off or pick up your child. A volunteer will bring your child to you. If you want to enter the room to stay with your child, please notify the nursery coordinator or assistant.
  • If the need to contact you during service arises, we will send a text message (or phone call) to the phone number provided on your Registration card. 
  • You can stay informed through our website, newsletters and regular mailings. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the church office (


  • Parents will complete a label for their child each week detailing contact information, napping and feeding requests and allergies/special needs, which will be carried out by volunteers.
  • INFANTS: Please bring your child in a clean diaper and fed. We will follow your requests as completed on the nursery label.
  • TODDLERS: Please make sure your child has used the restroom, fed and clean before checking them in. If no personal cup is provided, we will supply a dixie cup of water during snacks (goldfish).
  • All infants will have their diaper changed at least once while in nursery. All toddlers will have their diapers checked and changed if necessary.
  • To ensure the health of children and volunteers, we ask that sick children not attend the nursery.


Nursery promotion is age-based and children are moved to the next appropriate room when your child celebrates a birthday. This promotion takes place within the next month following your child’s birthday.


In event of an emergency or if your child’s room is evacuated, you will be notified during service where your evacuation pick-up site is located. No child will be released until all the children are accounted for and you can present your Check-in Ticket.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the church office, 582-4300 or